Where did the name come from?
Since my photography style changed drastically on May 31, 2013, I felt a new name was needed to represent that. I spent about a day and a half trying to come up with a name. Nothing was “hitting home”. As I was walking the little dogs around the park, still thinking about a new name, a hummingbird dropped down from a tall tree and was hovering where I could see it. That’s it! The idea for the logo came quickly on the heels of the name, and by the time I got home, it was complete…in my head. Finding the font and a vector hummingbird were effortless, as was creating the logo as it now appears.

About the Logo
The font used for Hummingbird Dreams Photography is Scriptina Pro. I downloaded it for free at fontspace.com.

The hummingbird is an .eps file, with beautiful colors, I only wanted/needed a single color, so I went through all the pieces to change that. It was downloaded for free at freeillustrator.org.

Finally, to put the logo together, and create the triangle, I used  Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 9.

What Does the Logo Mean?
The triangle represents my equal love for hummingbirds and flowers…I stand at the bottom with hummingbirds and flowers on each of the other angles. Hummingbirds love flowers, and flowers love hummingbirds; and I’ve had some pretty cool encounters with hummingbirds, while flowers make me happy. It’s the perfect relationship. ^_^

My Wish
Is to share with you the beauty I see in flowers…and life. I wish to touch your heart in some way and, if I’m lucky, maybe even touch your soul.

Special Thanks
Mark S. Johnson’s book “Botanical Dreaming” for giving wings to what had previously only been a dream/idea. Without it, my new style, and this site, wouldn’t be around.

My parents…for your love, and believing in me.

You, my readers, for taking time out of your day to peruse this site and my artwork.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. I’ve been enjoying looking at your images, and I have to point out additionally that I really enjoy the way they’re presented.

    I’m not sure whether you put a lot of effort into presentation compared to creating the images themselves, but it certainly appears that you do, and it’s worth it.

    • Thank you, Joe. I tried several free themes before finally choosing “Hatch”. I like the clean design and easy navigation. Since I put so much love and time into my images, I want them to be seen in a pleasing manner. I’m glad that you noticed. 🙂

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