My Hiatus is Over! Kinda Sorta

Long Time No See

First off, I’m shocked to see that I have over 550 followers of this blog. If you’re one of my followers, then this post is aimed at you. After a 2+ year blogging sabbatical, I’ve started a self-hosted WordPress site; I’ve married this site with DS Photography and Visionary Digital Art. You can now find me at



Where Have I Been?

The short answer is that I got burned out running 2 blog sites. The long answer…I continued to create, but was only posting to Instagram. Last year, I created a site again, this time using Joomla. It was very short lived as I got tired of all the upkeep, and learning a new platform. Earlier this year, after watching some videos on YouTube about WordPress and Elementor, I was practicing on I chose them because of their easy to follow tutorials on YouTube, actually, they were hosting my Joomla site before I switched back to WordPress. The other reason I chose them is for their free site option (Joomla or WordPress), you can install plugins for either platform which you can’t really do on When had a special on hosting, I ended up going with them; not only for the price (I paid for 3 years and it was under $100) but because I also purchased my domain name from them last year and didn’t want to deal with having to change DNS and other settings.

What Else is New?

What's New

In August of 2016 I got the 9.7″ iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil, that is where I do the majority of my creating.

I’ve also gotten into creating 3D characters in Daz Studio – that was mostly because I don’t take pictures of people, and I wanted to put fairies and other creatures into my photos.

More recently, I’ve been creating textures to sell and am now looking into creating textures using real watercolor paints and a brush!

Today, I posted the last two weeks of Photo Challenges, Peek and Temporary. I’m looking forward to tomorrow to see what the challenge will be.

My Hopes/Wishes

I would really appreciate it if you would come visit my new site, maybe even subscribe to my new blog, follow me on Instagram, join my Facebook page, or, if you purchase any of my textures, you can share your image to the group on Facebook.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

All the Best

New Logo_8-17-17

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