Daylily Magic

Daylily Magic

How did I create this? I started off by taking the photo in Slow Shutter Cam.

Daylily Magic - Original

Original photo taken with Slow Shutter Cam.

Next I opened up the photo in Light Camera and added Etherland filter to the entire photo and added Light Memories effect to the bottom of the photo. Finally I saved the photo.

Daylily Magic - Step 2

Photo after adding Etherland and Light Memories in Light Camera

I then opened the saved photo in LensLight where I added five layers:

  • bokeh dots to the center of the flower
  • bokeh orbs to the entire photo
  • spotlight to the upper right hand corner
  • searchlight to the bottom of the flower shining down
  • warming filter to the entire photo
Daylily Magic

Final image after editing in LensLight

Here is a list of the apps used and links to where you can find them in the iTunes store.

5 thoughts on “Daylily Magic

  1. So clever! I love the effect. Beyond cropping, I hardly ever alter my photos, but the images on both your sites make me want to try to experiment a bit more! Thank you.

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