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Change is in the Air…Again

Yep, it is. If you read my previous post then you know I’m looking to get into creating art with fractals, fractal flames and other digital media to incorporate into my photography. To fall asleep I usually watch tutorials on YouTube via my tablet; Sunday night I came across a tutorial titled, “Fractal Art Composition Illustration Tutorial” by Rolando Burbon aka Xzendor7. Needless to say watching it didn’t help me fall asleep!

Fast forward to yesterday, Monday, in doing a search for Fractron 9000 (it was mentioned in the YouTube video) I saw this beautiful image that said, “Fractal manipulation resembling a snowflake with a long lower h…”. Clicking on the link took me to a blog post titled, “Fractal Spotlight: the artist Xzendor7” at; I was blown away by the images and after I finished reading the post I went to Xzendor7’s website where I was further in eye candy heaven! It was then that I noticed the YouTube video I had watched the night before. But wait…it gets even better! 🙂

He has various stores set up including one on zazzle, where I have three stores. I scrolled to the bottom of the page and clicked the “Like” button so that I can get e-mails whenever he adds more items to his store. Today I received three e-mails from zazzle, one was that I had a new follower and two that contained comments from…Xzendor7! He commented on both “The Source” and “Drifting” and left this on my “store wall“…

Awesome Mystical Imagery. Thanks For The Like; I’m Also A Fan.

Needless to say it made my day and…here’s where the change comes in again. Hummingbird Dreams Photography will become Hummingbird Dreams Photography and Mystical Imagery. I was having a hard time giving a name to my style of photography; it felt spiritual in nature, calming/relaxing, meditative, etc. I think mystical fits nicely and it gives me leeway to incorporate other digital media into my flower photos.

Before I wrap it up I want to share the image that caught my eye. If this interests you I hope that you check out his website and/or his store on zazzle.



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