New sample of artwork

Change is in the Air

The whole reason I started this blog was to share the unusual photos I was able to create in-camera. Over the last few months I started experimenting with software and my flower photos to create something more akin to “Visionary Art”. On my other photoblog, DS Photography & Graphics, I started to add photos taken by the Hubble Telescope mixed in with my landscape photos; the difference between both sites were starting to blur.

Now, as I’m exploring fractal art, flames and the software used to create them I see myself heading into new directions focused on Mixed Digital Media – my photography and the “worlds” I create coming together.

With that said, I have changed the name to reflect the direction I’m heading. It is now DS Photography and Visionary Digital Art with the tagline “Creating Reality with 1’s and 0’s”. I hope that you will join me as I learn new software and share my experiments on the other site.

I might occasionally post to this site as I come across photos with my original intent (when I started this) but the majority of posts will be at DS Photography and Visionary Digital Art. I appreciate those of you following me and all the kind comments you’ve left. Before I end this post, here is a sample of what I’m working on now…it is still in the beginning stages and I’m not sure which direction it will go next. I’m assembling it in Perfect Photo Suite 8.5, but I used Chaotica for four of the layers and a demo of Flame Painter 3 for one of the layers.

New sample of artwork

Still in the beginning stages of this piece.

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to read this. Again, I hope that you’ll join me at  DS Photography and Visionary Digital Art as I continue my creative process.


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