She's a Beauty

She’s a Beauty…

…She’s one in a million, and she’s mine…all mine!!! 🙂 I’m talking about my new flowering plant, Arctotis. In doing a web search, I found out that it is known as an African Daisy, and it thrives on neglect!

Yesterday my plan was to go to Gardens of the World to take pictures of flowers before the winds came (for the next few days). Well, it was pretty foggy in the morning and by the time I was ready to go the sun had burned off most of the fog. Harsh sun and flower photography do not go together. I had some errands and decided to walk instead of drive. Out in front of the Do-It Center I had seen some flowers that caught my eye, so I decided to come back with the Soul. Cut to later on, after errands run. I head back to the Do-It Center, grab a cart and pick out 3 plants from the front of the store (you’ll be meeting them over the next few posts). I then head inside to the garden department, I was on a mission to find some Dahlia plants, unfortunately they didn’t have any. I did find 3 more plants that I liked (again, you’ll be meeting them here on the blog) and this one!

It was kind of funny how this one came about. I was slowly walking down the aisle, mostly in search of some Dahlia’s, but also keeping an eye out for anything that caught my eye. As I was heading up the second aisle, looking to my right something made me look to the left and up. There, in all its beauty, was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL flower I had ever seen. It screamed, “Pick me, pick me!” and I did! The whole scene reminded me of Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet. If you’ve ever seen the show you’ll know how when Pete finds the “perfect tree” the light shines brighter and the “angels” sing…that’s how I felt.

Without further ado, here she is! Just some minor post processing in Lightroom.

She's a Beauty

“She’s a Beauty” surrounded by other new plants I bought

Gear used/Specs:
Olympus OM-D E-M5
m. Zuiko 12-50mm kit lens @ 43mm (macro)
10x close-up lens/filter
ISO: 100
Aperture: f/6
Shutter Speed: 1/40

Post processed in Lightroom

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