RAW screen shot

Yellow City Party

Once I made it inside the Yellow City there was so much to see. It was beyond my wildest dreams and more than what the old, wise man had told me. There is a bright light that bursts forth from the ground in various areas, illuminating everything that surrounds it.

In one area it looked so festive that I thought there was surely a party going on. The most unusual thing I saw were the purple aliens. At first I wasn’t sure about them, but as I talked with one of them, I felt much more at ease…they were very wise and loving. Not only did they invite me to their planet, they also offered to take me there!

I’m not sure what caused those purple “aliens” to show up in the picture, as you can see to the right of them there is not the same texture (or face). There are no water drops on my lens or the 10x close up filter…and, it doesn’t show up on any of the other pictures I took before, or after, this one. Scroll down to the bottom to see a screen shot of the RAW file in Lightroom.

Yellow City Party

Party time at the Yellow City

Gear used/Specs: Olympus OM-D E-M5
m. Zuiko 12-50mm kit lens @ 43mm (macro)
10x close-up lens/filter
ISO: 200
Aperture: f/6
Shutter Speed: 1/8

Post processed in Lightroom

RAW screen shot

Screen shot of the RAW file in Lightroom

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