Pansy Love

Pansy Love

Before I took this photo I had been thinking, and having visions, of how I wanted to portray flowers…as the soft, beautiful, nurturing beings that they are. Then one day I found an eBook by Mark S. Johnson titled “Botanical Dreaming” and I felt as though I had been given wings. Since I didn’t have a dedicated macro lens I set about creating my own style.

This is one of my earlier photographs from June 1 of this year, but I was just recently post-processing it in Lightroom. There is a wonderful place in Thousand Oaks, California called Gardens of the World and that is where this was created. I never noticed the upside down heart on the pansy until I was looking at it on the computer.

Pansy Love

Pansy Love – In camera multiple exposure (Nikon D5100 and Tamron 28-300mm [macro] lens)

“Since love grows within you, so beauty grows.
For love is the beauty of the soul.”
— Saint Augustine


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