Flower Dancer Light(er)

Flower Dancer

Here’s another image from my “Playing With Color” collection. It is a multiple exposure with the first image mostly showing up in the left-hand side. The second image was of the flowers. One of my favorite features of the Olympus OM-D E-M5 is that when shooting multiple exposures you can see the first image in the viewfinder, albeit faintly, but it makes lining other shots up much easier.

Flower Dancer - Darker

Flower Dancer – Dark(er)
ISO 200
1/8 sec

I started out by adjusting the exposure, then adjusted the hue, saturation and luminance in Lightroom. I liked the darker, bolder colors in the image until…I played around a little more and got this!

Flower Dancer Light(er)

The after photo – played around a little bit more with HSL

To me this looks more like a painting and I’m really liking it. It amazes me how desaturating some colors give it a whole different look. Graininess in the purple/magenta is from saving it at 72ppi on export from Lightroom.

Which one do you like better? Leave your comment below!

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